• Volunteer information pack

    Information for Volunteers 2018

    There are a number of different volunteer roles at the festival. Please think about your skills and experience when selecting your preferences for roles in your application form.


    The types of tasks you will be expected to undertake in each volunteer team are listed below. They are by no means exhaustive. More detailed information will be available upon communication with your team leader or volunteer coordinator.

    Please note that it is not always possible to match the skills and availability of volunteer applicants with the volunteer positions available and/or the times when volunteers are needed. The earlier you submit your application, the more chance you will have of being allocated your preferred volunteer position. Shifts will normally be four hours each but may vary depending on the team and the number of volunteers available.

    Festival Shop (Friday 9th November through to Sunday 11th November)

    • Provide information about the Festival to members of the public, and, as necessary, to volunteers and performers
    • Sell Festival merchandise and performers’ CDs
    • Sell festival programs
    • Sell raffle tickets – in Festival office and/or roving on site
    • May involve set-up and pack-down of the merchandise, tables, decorations, etc

    Ticketing (Wednesday 7th November through to Sunday 11th November)

    • Advise patrons of ticket prices
    • Sell tickets
    • Process e-tickets
    • Issue wristbands to all Festival attendees
    • Assist in checking compliance with entry conditions
    • Give directions regarding parking and camping.
    • Welcome performers, volunteers and VIP guests and provide them with any appropriate information

    Gate Team (Wednesday 7th November through to Sunday 11th November)

    • Staff the festival entry points and control the movement of people and vehicles into, and out of, the Festival grounds
    • Check for valid wristbands
    • Give directions regarding parking and camping
    • Ensure ‘no pets’ rule is observed
    • Provide Festival information
    • Assist in implementing the Festival’s alcohol and glass-free policy.

    Set up and pack down Festival team (Pre Festival: from Tuesday 6th November until Festival. Post Festival: From Sunday evening 11th November until Tuesday 13th November)

    Please note: Some heavy lifting and other physical tasks involved.

    • Construction and deconstruction of stages & venues
    • Setting traffic/parking barriers
    • Putting up signage
    • Collecting and setting up festival lounges, chairs & tables and packing up at end of festival
    • Assisting the decoration team

    MC/Stage management team (Friday 9th November through to Sunday 11th November)

    Please note: Some experience in this area is required for these roles

    • Stage Manage/MC venues
    • Assist Stage manager/MC at each venue
    • Keep venue tidy
    • Meet and greet performers
    • Work with sound engineers to ensure program runs to time
    • Work with the festival committee regarding program changes, festival announcements.

    Resource Management, Waste Recovery and Tidy Teams (From Friday 10th November until Tuesday 14th November)

    • Monitor bins and advise patrons of correct waste disposal when required
    • Clear tables and keep grounds clean, including camping areas
    • Work with council to clear full bins
    • Collect green waste for distribution after festival.
    • Monitor (and clean) toilets and amenities. Replenishment of provisions when and where necessary.
    • Alert Team Leader or Shift Manager to issues concerning the site as per the “Chain of Responsibility”
    • Under direction from the Team Leader or Shift Manager, contact maintenance staff when required during Festival.

    RSA Marshalls

    • supporting all venue staff in upholding RSA practices
    • observing patrons to identify irresponsible drinking behaviours, such as rapidly or excessively consuming alcohol
    • actively communicating with licensed security, bar staff, floor staff and management to implement the licensee's practices and procedures for dealing with unduly intoxicated or disorderly patrons
    • monitoring patrons for signs of undue intoxication, including those who may be receiving alcohol from their friends
    • ensuring patrons have access to free water and are encouraged to consume water between, or instead of, alcoholic drinks
    • providing a visual presence to patrons and support for bar staff and management of the licensed premises.


    All volunteers will receive adequate information regarding their tasks, expectations and responsibilities prior to the Festival. Volunteers will be made aware of any and all procedures regarding their role as a volunteer (ie: who to contact in the event of an issue).



    • Volunteers are not to be intoxicated during their shifts, nor are they permitted to consume intoxicants during their shifts
    • Volunteers are to respect the volunteers, performers and team leaders regardless of beliefs, race, gender identity, sexuality, etc
    • Volunteers are to conduct themselves in a manner that is approachable and friendly
    • Volunteers are encouraged to take their role seriously and be aware of procedures in the event of a concern/issue
    • Volunteers are expected to effectively communicate with fellow volunteers and team leaders.



    • I agree to abide by the Festival’s Code of Conduct;
    • I agree to carry out my volunteer tasks according to the hours and checklists provided;
    • I agree to contact the Volunteer Coordinator as early as possible if circumstances prevent my commencing a shift;
    • If I breach the Code of Conduct, I acknowledge that I may be relieved of my duties and be escorted from the site. Such conduct could affect my future volunteer applications to the Festival.



    The team at Majors Creek Festival highly value our volunteers and their wellbeing. In the interest of harbouring a safe space for our vollies we have created a user-friendly information sheet. The text below will assist you in understanding the responsibilities and expectations of ALL our volunteers on site. The duties of workers are based on taking reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and others, something you should already be practicing day-to-day in all of your volunteering activities.

    Majors Creek Festival Inc. must make sure you are as safe as possible while you are volunteering, but as a volunteer you must:

    • take reasonable care for your own health and safety
    • take reasonable care to ensure you don’t affect the health and safety of others
    • carry out your tasks in a safe way
    • follow the reasonable work health and safety instructions given to you by your coordinator
    • co-operate with the reasonable policies and procedures of the organisation you volunteer for that relate to work health and safety.

    Essentially, what is reasonable care would be what a reasonable person would do in the circumstances considering things like:

    • your knowledge
    • your role
    • your skills and the resources available to you
    • your qualifications
    • the information that you have
    • consequences to health and safety in the events of a failure to act in the circumstances.

    Taking reasonable care is not hard. Just do the things outlined above and talk to your coordinator/s if you have any concerns about your health and safety or that of others in relation to your work.

    Volunteers need to be aware that, in addition to looking after their physical wellbeing, bullying is a WHS concern and will not be tolerated. If you are experiencing bullying, or witness bullying behaviour, it is an expectation that you be an active bystander and speak up. If this is not a reasonable option you can contact your volunteers’ manager

    If you have any concerns about ANYTHING regarding your physical and mental wellbeing you are advised to contact your team leader. If this is not a possibility, for whatever reason, contact your volunteers’ manager in person or at majorsvolunteers@gmail.com.

    It is the responsibility of your team leader to provide you with an induction where you will receive team specific information. This may include (but is not limited to) tool-box meetings, induction packages, information sheets, correct work gear guidelines, etc...

    Our festival has experienced years of seamless volunteer activity, and as a result we place a great amount of confidence in the sound judgement of our volunteers. We trust that our 2017 volunteers will uphold the festival’s integrity. If you would like to read more, further information can be found here. https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/book/essential-guide-work-health-and-safety-volunteers#what-doyou-need-to-do-as-a-volunteer

    Please acknowledge that you have read and understood this document on your volunteer application form and don’t forget to have a safe and HAPPY festival!

    If you have any questions, please contact Carly McMahon at majorsvolunteers@gmail.com