• The Band Who Knew Too Much

  • The Band Who Knew Too Much are a bona-fide foolproof floor-packing band. For over two decades they have branded their sound around the world; a highly energetic act that is at home singing on the festival stage, busking unplugged on the city streets, or anything in between!

    Washboard/Accordion driven anthems about spending the rent, hard rubbish nights and of course, the immortal BEER O’CLOCK!! It’s happy hour, energetic party music for everyone.

    The Band Who Knew Too Much embrace the brattiness and flaws of everyday life and turn them into material for an intoxicating party of endless energy – ‘like being stuck in the exact moment of winning the AFL premiership cup and feeling the pain and tears of every losing season drift off your shoulders and disappear in the air.’

    After 15 years of proving it, The Band Who Knew Too Much are a truly classic Australian band with an undying spirit for the complete abandon and joy we feel when we throw our fines out the window, slam the rent down on the bar and decide there’s no tomorrow – all night long.

    The Band Who Knew Too Much only know one way, and that’s UP! An energy packed, floor jumping music experience that can inspire a mosh, a shimmy, a pogo or even an impromptu Charleston. Whatever your vice, The Band Who Knew Too Much can scratch the itch.