• Stall Holder Information 2018

    More than ever this year we are looking for locally crafted and handmade, as well as the locally grown and cooked. Preference will be given to stall holders that make and create. Please send photos of your creations for consideration by the stalls co-ordinator.

    Happy 25th Birthday to Majors! Go on help us celebrate and decorate your stall, who doesn’t love colour and movement mixed up with fairy lights!


    Stalls will be chosen based on a number of factors. In particular stall applications that meet the following criteria will be looked upon most favourably:

    • Australian arts and crafts and other locally handmade goods
    • Original, unique, high quality goods
    • Stalls of a musical nature, i.e. musical instruments
    • Creative and/or quality vintage second hand clothing
    • Quirky and fun stalls
    • Organic or environmentally friendly products
    • Ethically sourced and sustainable goods

    We will not accept stalls that sell:

    • New or second hand electrical items
    • Mass produced goods, especially those imported from overseas
    • Illegal or counterfeit items
    • Explosives of any kind
    • Any product deemed not suitable for a g-rated audience

    Are you with a local community organisation? We have a number of free stalls to offer to such groups. Please apply via the link below.

    Please note stalls will be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Festival Committee.


    Friday evening (from 5pm) – 500
    Saturday – 1800
    Sunday – 1500

    2018 STALL FEES

    For 25 years Majors Creek Festival has encouraged and supported emerging musicians. We are extending this to the rich community of artisans and crafters who wish to share their talents with us at Majors in 2018. We will be offering discounted stalls in recognition of the time, effort and cost in preparing locally handmade items for us all to enjoy. Upload photos with your application for consideration for the Australian handmade stall fee.

    Food or coffee stalls – $250
    Snacks or sweets stalls – $170
    Australian handmade craft stalls – 3m x 3m – $90
    Australian handmade craft stalls – 6m x 3, – $170
    Quality craft/wares stalls – 3m x 3m $150
    Quality craft/wares stalls – 6m x 3m $235

    Majors Creek Festival is held in an open area on the Majors Creek recreation reserve. It can get cold, it can get windy and it can get hot! Sometimes all of these in one day. Please remember this and prepare for all climates. Make sure you have your marquee fully secured and wear a hat.