• Silver Soles Cloggers Inc.

  • Silver Soles Cloggers Inc was established in Tuggeranong in 1998, with just a few people, but has grown into a larger group with some people still dancing after 10 years or more. Children are always encouraged to learn as it is a great recreational pursuit for any age. It is a very energetic style of dance with many benefits including memory training, strengthening of bones and muscles, coordination of movements and improvement in balance. 

    Silver Soles Cloggers have traveled to every state in Australia to participate in Annual Conventions and Festivals, offering a social connection and a mentoring process for all. Dancers usually start with very easy steps and routines and gradually add more and more to their repertoire. As they progress, the dance steps become more challenging and this is enough for committed Cloggers to persevere. 

    Clogging originated in the Appalachian Mountains in the USA, back in the late 1800s; many different dance sub-cultures are incorporated into the actual dance style. English/Irish/German/African are a couple, each genre bringing it’s own distinctive flavour and original steps. These have been modified over the years to a more theatrical level, but maintaining the percussive rhythms.