• Majors Creek Festival recognises the under-representation of female performers at music festivals and within the broader music industry in Australia currently. Named in honour of our former director who passed away shortly after the 2015 Festival, the award upholds Ros’ commitment to equity in music by providing high profile performance opportunities, mentorship and financial reward to young female musicians within a friendly and supportive festival environment.


    • The award is open to female performers 25yrs or younger.
    • Solo or group acts are accepted.
    • Group acts must have a majority of female performers and duos must both be female. All members must be under 25 at the time of the Festival.
    • The recipient/s of the award will be chosen by the Majors Creek Festival artist selection committee.
    • The recipient/s will be programmed for two shows on main stages throughout the weekend, and potentially additional shows with prior agreement
    • The recipient/s will receive a sponsored professional fee of $1000
    • The recipient/s will also have a mentoring session with one of our headline female artists during the festival weekend.
    • The recipient/s will potentially receive some radio/interview time
    • Under 18s require parental approval to apply and attend
    • The recipient/s will receive one free weekend ticket for guardian, partner or an immediate family member for each member of the act

    Please apply by going through the standard performer application process but be sure to tick the box requesting that you be considered for the Ros Hales Award (RHA)when you fill out the form.

    Please find further information for performers and a link to the application form here

    Performer Application