• Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows

  • Mr Tim is a performing arts’ specialist in music, dance and drama. He is an entertainer, workshop leader and educator. His reputation has spread as an inspirational teacher and mentor with his special ability to connect with children and adults alike and is highly sort after as a children and family entertainer.

    As a classically trained pianist at the ANU, children’s choir conductor and qualified teacher, Mr Tim has a unique personality and set of skills that motivate and entertain; capturing people’s imagination though his activities and music and igniting their joy for life.

    Along with his wife ‘Ms Nat’, Mr Tim specialises in creating whole school shows of music, dance and drama in just 4 days with 400 kids! He also has recorded two children’s rock albums and an EP with the Fuzzy Elbows as well as a song for the Museum of Australian Democracy.

    Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows continue to push the boundaries of what is ‘Kids’ music with each gig. Come and check them out!