• Mandy Connell

  • Mandy Connell is a storyteller of quiet strength; raw, passionate and honest, with timing and energetic dexterity born from blues and Celtic folk. Connell has been busy; her new album, produced by Tom Wright (UK) at Yellow Arch Studios (Nancy Kerr and Sweet Visitor, Martin Simpson), will be launched this year, and her brilliant web series ‘An Otherwise Quiet Room’ has gone from strength to strength since it’s debut in 2018. 

    A former member of the Stray Hens, Connell’s work as a solo artist and as a band leader have garnered her respect across Australia and England. A dedicated artist who has co-produced three albums of her own, two with the Stray Hens and one collaboration with the Maggie Darlings, Connell has also been part of the ‘Festival Folk Sing’ projects, and presents interviews and duets with a variety of artists. 
    Her songs are personal, political, sometimes funny, always heartfelt, and her consistent dedication to her art wins fans at every show. 

    “Mandy Connell is the latest in a long and distinguished line of talented female musicians to grace the musical scene in Australia. A fine singer and songwriter in her own right, she also has the knack of taking other peoples’ songs, and by virtue of her original and unique interpretations making them her own, the mark of a truly gifted performer…” Eric Bogle