• Jaron Freeman-Fox and Simon Nyberg

  • Bred in the mountains of Canada’s rural north-west, Jaron Freeman-Fox redefines what the violin is capable of, and gives you no choice but to take his mutant species of music on it’s own terms. Having produced or played on over 40 albums and toured the globe many times over as a solo artist, bandleader or collaborator with artists such as Delhi 2 Dublin, Ben Caplan, and Sam Lee, Freeman-Fox fuses his roots of fiddling and jazz with his musical studies in India, Sweden, and Indonesia, while playing the 5-string violins of his late mentor; fiddle pioneer Oliver Schroer. He will be joined in Australia by multi-instrumentalist Simon Nyberg who is at the forefront of the Swedish folk music scene. 

    Jaron “plays violin like a knowing child: playfully, impulsively and hyperactively, and yet with an improbable, idiosyncratic virtuosity that has been set alight by his wide-ranging listening and studying. … while his singing is infused with the same knowingness, whether whispered, loud, crooned or seething with humour.’ – John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald 

    “The hyper-kinetic Jaron Freeman-Fox is the Jimi Hendrix of the violin. With the chops of a classical virtuoso and the soul of a wild-eyed punk, he plays world music in the truest sense of the word, leaping from Gypsy to Klezmer to Celtic to Country without skipping a beat.” – The Ottawa International Jazz Festival.