• Due to current Covid 19 restrictions and lack of clarity around the future of large social gatherings, sadly 2020 Majors will not go ahead in its usual form. However, watch this space for future announcements regarding 'Minor Majors' on the second weekend in November. Put it in your diary. If we can pull it off we will...promise!


  • Location

    Majors Creek is approximately 15 minutes from Braidwood, and 1 hour from Canberra, Goulburn and Bateman’s Bay.

    Click here to find out everything you want to know about the gorgeous little town of Majors Creek.

  • Accommodation

    Free camping is available on the Majors Creek Festival site. We offer Owls camping on the recreation ground and Fowls (No noise after 10pm) in the camping paddock. There are ample toilet facilities, however no showers are provided. Braidwood and surrounds has many accommodation options and we also recommend trying AirBnB as there are some lovely local properties available in the region.

  • Food and Beverages

    A large selection of delicious food and drinks is available for purchase within the Festival grounds from when the gates open on Friday at 5pm. If you are planning to arrive earlier, Majors Creek Hotel serves dinner between 6 and 8pm. If you do not wish to eat at the pub, you will need to bring your own food as there are no other eating out options in Majors Creek. 

  • Animals

    Animals are NOT ALLOWED on any part of the Festival Ground at any time unless they are a registered service animal. Please contact the Festival committee with any questions in relation to this. 

  • Water

    Please be mindful that we have a VERY limited supply of drinking water on site and if you are camping, bring some of your own to cover your needs including that for washing up etc.

  • Bars and Alcohol

    Majors Creek Festival Inc runs a bar for patron’s enjoyment however strict licencing laws apply regarding the supply and sale of alcohol. Please see the conditions of entry for further information.

  • Illegal Activities

    Anyone found supplying alcohol to minors, using illegal drugs or committing any other illegal activity will be asked to leave the festival grounds and will not be allowed back in. Illegal activities will also be reported to police.

  • Security & Safety

    The Festival has professional security on site to ensure that Festival goers are safe and are wearing the appropriate wristbands. In addition, SES members are on site and available to assist with lost children and first aid.

    Please be mindful of vehicles when walking around the village. All roads are open as normal and will have local traffic moving through.   

  • Toilet Facilities

    There will be plenty of composting toilets available for use in the main festival area. This year composting toilets will also be available in the early birds camping paddock. In addition, a disabled access composting toilet will be available in the main festival area and will be accessible with a pin number combination lock. If you need to access the disabled toilets be sure to request the pin number from the staff at the gate or the festival information tent.