• Fiona Ross

  • Fiona Ross is a tradition bearer of Scottish song. Having grown up in Glasgow, she spent time in the culturally rich Outer Hebrides during her formative years. Fiona inherited a love of Scottish music from her dad and sang popular songs from a young age. She was mentored by esteemed tradition bearer Andrew Hunter, who in turn learnt much from the great Traveller ballad singer Jeannie Robertson and her family in Aberdeen during the 1960s. 

    Fiona moved to Melbourne in 2009 and remains an active member of traditional singing community ‘back home’. She continues to sing in the traditional unaccompanied style and has recorded for the prestigious Tradition Bearers label in Scotland. 

    “Fiona Ross – a very special Scots singer of great cultural importance” 
    – Pete Heywood, The Living Tradition, Scotland 

    “One of my favourite Scots singers, now very far away but sounding as true and beautiful as she did back in the day in The Oxford Bar” 
    – Karine Polwart, multi-award winning singer & songwriter, Scotland 

    “Fiona’s fine tuneful voice has a wonderful traditional edge to it and while she can make a song her own, she sings with absolute respect for the story, the setting and the people who have handed it down to her. It was a sad day for the Scottish folk scene when Fiona decamped to Australia but, thankfully, exile has done nothing to damage her voice!” 
    – Sheena Wellington, “Scotland’s leading traditional singer”, Scotland 

    “swathed in warm Scottish brogue and immaculate phrasing, the quality of Ross’s singing is exemplified in the set’s sole unaccompanied track” (4 stars) 
    -The Australian