• Bleeding Gums Murphy

  • Elliot and Reuben have been playing (living/working) together for almost four years now. Bleeding Gums Murphy is the by-product of a taste for the absurd and a love for songwriting that tells a story. Their genre-fluid music stems from a shared love of Australian folk, jazz and musical comedy. Whether their songs reflect real experiences (Grandad’s Got A New Girlfriend), or are *ahem* less auto-biographical (Blue-Ringed Blues, which is about a man who’s in love with an octopus), they manage to hold a tenuous balance between the heart-warming and the risqué. Having recently recorded a professional EP in Sydney, Bleeding Gums Murphy are now working on an original Sydney Fringe cabaret show ‘Big Betty: A Non-Kosher Rock Opera’, which tells the tale of a young girl’s primary school woes upon learning she’s not only adopted, but also a literal pig.