• Big Fiddle Little Fiddle

  • With a love of infectious tunes and driving rhythms, fellow-travellers, Louise Godwin, cello, and Jessica Foot, fiddle, scour fiddling styles from West to East in search of melodies that make their hearts sing.

    To the mix they add original tunes and percussive podorythmie, and let their imaginations loose on it all. Louise and Jess share diverse backgrounds in the performance of traditional, improvisatory, baroque, classical and new music. They bring it all to the table in our exploration of Australian, Celtic, Scandinavian, Quebecois, Old-time and Middle Eastern modal folk styles.

    Their creative path follows the unique sonic possibilities of the cello and violin together and their limitless potential for interchangeable musical roles and euphoric dialogue. Energised by a sheer joy of playing, they can’t wait to share their euphoric musical discourse with you. Founded in 2015, Big Fiddle Little Fiddle has performed at festivals, house concerts and folk clubs in Victoria and interstate and released their debut album The Kitchen Project in 2018.