• Banat Amar

  • Passionate performers of traditional middle-eastern rhythm and dance, Banat Amar will delight you with their joyful improvisations and dynamic choreographies. Gorgeous rhythms from live percussionists accompany a troupe of enchanting and playful dancers in colourful and intricate costuming. Both the dances and costumes are inspired by late 19th century Ghawazee dancers of Egypt – renowned for their swinging hips, powerful shimmies, and delicate arms.

    Banat Amar are family-friendly fun, perfect for community events and festivals. The troupe is comprised of experienced dancers and musicians of varying ages and backgrounds, all coming together to share in the joy of exploring the folkloric music and dance of the Middle East. Their unique formation-based improvisations provide flexibility for both dancers and musicians to be in the moment and be authentic in their emotional expression, all whilst flowing through various fixed patterns and figures that keep things exciting for the audience!