• Whoa Mule

  • Whoa Mule began playing together at the end of 2016 and since then have performed at many festivals and gigs around NSW and Victoria. With guitar, banjo, triple fiddles and quadruple voices, they play a range of old time fiddle tunes, country ballads and original songs and tunes. Whoa Mule have just released their first album ‘Get Your House In Order’ into the world!

    The band are: Miriam Jones (Electric Mule), playing fiddle and guitar, also a member of the Sydney based trio Catgut. Sujata Allan (Doctor Mule), playing banjo and fiddle and formerly a member of The Gypsy Hot Club. Kate Barker (Old Mountain Mule), also from Golden Whistler is on guitar and vocals, and Naomi Jones (Baby Mule) playing fiddle and banjo. Together, Whoa Mule deliver a performance characterised by space and energy, putting a kick into old time music.