• The Neon Effect

  • Harpist Michelle Doyle, cellist Catie Martin and oboist/fiddler Jessica Foot meld their rich sonorities with eclectic craftsmanship to explore the far reaches of the contemporary Aussie-Trad musical vernacular. Together they create original works and re-imagine contemporary Australian folk tunes and songs. With vivid imagery they construct instrumental and vocal ‘neofolk’ soundscapes, pulsing with the intricate narratives of Aussie folk’s own cultural coming-of-age. Through soulful strains, deep grooves and an explosion of colour, The Neon Effect ignites the music of their time and place.

    Newly-formed as the recipients of the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club Sides Fiddlership scholarship, they toured to Scotland and Shetland in September 2017, performing and teaching workshops, and engaging in a cultural/musical exchange with musicians of the Shetland Islands. Their debut album is in the pipeline and due for release late 2018.