• Paverty Bush Band

  • Paverty Bush Band is Canberra’s premium bush band. Paverty started in 1970 as Franklyn B Paverty and the Platt Valley Crooners. Since then, Paverty has been playing for concerts, folk festivals, bush dances, weddings, parties, school fund-raisers, and corporate functions in Canberra and the surrounding region.
    Paverty plays Australian folk music – an eclectic mix of traditional and original songs, ballads and instrumentals with country, blues, rock, jug, bluegrass and skiffle influences.

    The Paverty Bush Band followed on (in 2017) from the band called Franklyn B Paverty that started in 1970 (you can find more detail on Wikipedia) and will be getting you up and moving for the traditional Saturday night bush dance at Majors.