• Mikelangelo and the Spectres of Love


    Mikelangelo was born Michael Simic in the unsuspecting western suburbs of Canberra. He grew up in a family where creativity was encouraged as the essential source of life, and the young Mikelangelo started going to live gigs from the age of 14, and was immediately smitten. As well seeing local and touring bands every week, forays to Sydney to see The Johnnys, The Cramps, Beasts Of Bourbon, and experimental trio Thug, ignited a fire in him – wild performance and rock’n’roll from the wrong side of the tracks was in his blood.

    The road for Mikelangelo, however, was never going to be straight forward. Enamoured with Dada and Surrealism, epic poetry and absurdist theatre as well music as diverse as the Ramones, Iggy Pop, Nina Simone and Dean Martin, his first group with co-founder Geoff Hinchcliffe, Prik Harness, instinctively broke every rule in the book of pop/rock.

    Mikelangelo has gone on to trailblaze a distinctive musical and theatrical style with his long standing group The Black Sea Gentlemen that has included much work in cabaret, circus and theatre, in Australia and around the world and has had many fruitful collaborations with creative partners and musical adventurers along the way, clocking up 12 albums and a truckload of critical acclaim.

    Beneath all of this, his love of primal rock’n’roll has not diminished. Now a Majors Creek resident, Mikelangelo this year will see him joined by his Sydney-based band, Spectres of Love, for a wild night of dancing and good times.