• Hoot and Holler

  • In early 2013, a mutual love of American folk music brought Amy Alvey (fiddle, guitar) and Mark Kilianski (guitar, banjo) together. They call themselves Hoot and Holler as a nod to the “hootenanny” song gatherings during the folk revival of the 1960s, while also hinting at the infectious energy that occurs during a barn dance in the south. After cutting their teeth in Boston’s burgeoning roots music they spent the better part of 2016 touring nationally while living in their camper van “Irene” and now call Asheville, North Carolina their home.

    Their new full-length album “Reasons To Run” plays like a sonic cross-country road trip. Hoot and Holler invite you to experience their soundscapes, described as a “fresh and distinctive blend that can only be earned the hard way – through thousands of miles and hundreds of nights on the road.” -Patrick Coman, WUMB’s Local Folk