• Daniel J Townsend

  • Daniel J Townsend was born on a tiny island on the edge of the world, the descendant of a convict girl and her employer. Poet, folk musician and dilettante historian, he has been singing stories ever since.

    A sixth generation Tasmanian, Townsend moved to Darwin in 2016. He is releasing his latest record as a series of podcasts, aptly titled A Tale of Two Cities, with a new song featured in each episode.

    Townsend garnered international attention with his 2014 debut Iscariot, which circles the life of the infamous twelfth apostle. Iscariot was featured on ABC’s Inside Sleeve and described as “incredible” by the show’s host. His 2016 follow-up, World Until Yesterday chronicles Van Diemonian moments of change, and was featured by music platform NoiseTrade.