• The Fuelers

  • The Fuelers

    The Fuelers take their name from nitro-fuelled drag cars. Once these things get going, the only thing that’ll stop them is a parachute. 

    The Fuelers, while being called many things, are usually branded country by their city-folk audiences. That means songs about trucks, heartbreak and powertools…and a complete ban on playing without a hat. 

    As a four piece outfit, The Fuelers comprise Blindboy Murray on guitar, Caltex Star on double bass and Thingamy Bob on drums. Steel City Su features on fiddle. They play original material, drawing from bluegrass & oldtime, swing, rockabilly, country, and 70’s TV commercials. It’s a style that crosses borders, to say the least. 

    A rich visual and theatrical experience, the Fuelers present a skewed take on gameshow themes, using painted props such as "The Wheel of Fate" ,“The Beer Cactus” or “The Chicken Pump”. This bizarre, vaudevillian world of their own comes complete with its own advertisements for the strange merchandise available only in “Fueler County”. 

    The Fuelers tour nationally, taking their show to the Woodford Festival, The National Folk Festival, The Great Southern Blues Festival, Gympie Muster, Tamworth, The Adelaide Fringe, Circus of the Air, Wintersun, Greazefest, Garterbelts and Gasoline and more.