• Stallholders

    Majors Creek Festival is back in 2018 and this year the Rec Grounds will come to life the weekend of the 9th-11th November.

    The colourful, festive markets are always popular and play a big part in providing festival patrons with a complete festival experience. If you have something interesting/tasty/quirky to sell and would like to be part of this popular community event, read through the information below and follow the link to apply.


    Majors Creek Festival is looking for a varied and unique array of food and drinks and quality wares to help create an eclectic carnival-feel market place. There’s always room for everyone at the Rec Ground so if you massage, card read or provide other skills you think a festival audience would enjoy please apply.

    Are you with a local community organisation? We have a number of free stalls to offer to such groups. Please apply via the link below.

    Stalls will be chosen based on a number of factors. In particular stall applications that meet the following criteria will be looked upon most favourably:

    • Australian arts and crafts and other locally handmade goods.
    • Original, unique, high quality goods.
    • Stalls of a musical nature, i.e. musical instruments.
    • Creative clothing.
    • Quirky and fun stalls.
    • Organic or environmentally friendly products.

    We will not accept stalls that sell:

    • New or second hand electrical items.
    • Mass produced goods, especially those imported from overseas.
    • Illegal or counterfeit items.
    • Explosives of any kind.
    • Any product deemed not suitable for a g-rated audience.

    Please note stalls will be accepted or rejected at the discretion of the Festival Committee.


    Friday evening (from 5pm) - 500

    Saturday - 1500

    Sunday – 1500

    2017 STALL FEES

    Type of stall

    Site size

    Site fee

    Food or coffee stalls*

    6m x 3m

    $250.00 **includes 2 stallholder armbands

    Snacks or sweet stalls*

    3m x 3m

    $175.00 **includes 2 stallholder armbands

    Craft/quality wares stalls

    3m x 3m

    $160.00 **includes 2 stallholder armbands

    Craft/quality wares stalls

    6m x 3m

    $235.00 **includes 2 stallholder armbands

    *Please note a refundable green bond applies to food stalls, further information below.

    ** The festival is a ticketed event and there is strict control with the issuing of armbands for entry. Only a limited number will be issued for each stall. Additional passes can be purchased at early-bird rates.

    *** Food stalls may apply as either a “main meals stall” or a “snack/sweets stall” stall, however, based on your menu, the Festival Committee will make the final decision on which site fee will apply to your stall and notify you of this decision if your application is accepted.


    We welcome charity, local community & non-profit organisations to provide stalls with aims similar to the Festival. You will need to complete the application form and be approved, however if your organisation is accepted, you will not be charged a hire fee.


    Power will be made available to stall holders. You will be required to provide your own leads to reach our main leads. All power leads must be certified and tagged. Any untagged power leads will be required to be tagged on site with any associated costs for this being paid by the stallholder. If you have any extra power requirements these will be considered on a case by case basis. Please indicate at the time of applying.

    The use of quiet generators may be approved for use by food stalls, please indicate in your application if you wish to supply and use your own generator.


    There is only a limited supply of water available for everyone attending the festival to share. Please keep this in mind and bring water to the festival to cover your own needs for cooking, drinking, washing up etc. We appreciate your help with this.


    • 15th July 2018: Stall applications close.
    • 16th August 2018: Approved stallholders will be notified by this date, of their acceptance to trade at Majors Creek Festival.
    • By 15th September 2018: Site fees (and green bonds where applicable) payment deadline.
    • Cancellation Policy if stall cancelled between 16th September and 10th October half refund will be offered. Full refund if replacement stall found. No refund will be offered after the 10th October.
    • 9th – 11th November 2016: Majors Creek Festival!


    • The goods you are selling are acceptable to the Festival Committee.
    • You will be located on a site determined by the festival committee.
    • Vehicles will not be permitted in the festival entertainment zone – except during set up and pack down, but you can camp behind your stall in most cases.
    • To your application you will attach a copy of your ‘Certificate of Currency’ (available from your insurer) proving your Public Liability insurance cover for your enterprise at the Majors Creek Festival at Majors Creek Recreation Ground, 9th-11th November 2018, and provide such document to Festival management by 15th September 2018.
    • You will need to bring the original of your ‘Certificate of Currency’ to the festival.
    • Fees are to be paid to the Majors Creek Festival Inc. before 15th September 2018. Instructions for payment will be provided if the application is approved.
    • All power leads must be tagged. Any untagged power leads will be required to be tagged on site with any associated costs for this being paid by the stallholder.
    • Approved stallholders will need to agree and conform to the Majors Creek Festival Stallholders Code of Conduct (below).
    • Additional conditions relating to the food businesses:
    • If selling food and drinks you must comply with Palerang Council’s regulations. See further information below.
    • Food business must supply Majors Creek Festival with a copy of your current NSW Food Authority notification (or license) and a copy of your current Food Safety Supervisor Certificate by 15th September 2018. Stalls who do not provide this documentation by the due date will not be allowed to trade at Majors Creek Festival.
    • If selling food and drinks you must pay a Green Bond of $120 for each stall, to encourage adherence to festival waste management policies. Stalls will be randomly audited during the festival, and the Green Bond will be refunded to compliant stallholders at the end of the festival.
    • If selling food and drinks, all packaging and disposable utensils used must be recyclable within NSW (Grades 1, 2 & 3) or compostable. If in doubt, please contact us for a list of approved suppliers.
    • Use of non-compliant materials may result in forfeiture of trading rights.
    • On the stall application form you will need to give details of the recyclable products you will be using. For examples of appropriate products see the websites below. Please note the Majors Creek Festival does not endorse or have any financial connection to these companies or their products - this information is to assist potential stallholders in understanding our requirements only.
    • The festivals waste team will be in contact with successful stall holders to provide guidance and assistance with waste management prior to the event.


    Stallholders will:

    • Exhibit at all times a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring that festival attendees have an enjoyable and memorable experience.
    • Respect and assist each other, and all people we come in contact with, to the best of our ability.
    • Agree to trade during specific opening times throughout the festival (minimum) – to be advised on acceptance.
    • Be alert but not alarmed! Notice anything that looks dangerous or risky to public safety, and report it to the Festival Shift Manager.
    • Take steps to resolve any untoward situation safely and quickly.
    • Have the utmost commitment to recycle waste as per the festival requirements.
    • Follow WH&S practices and policies, including: ensuring all gazebos and/or umbrellas and other equipment are suitably pegged down; ensuring all electrical cables are tagged; keeping walkways clear; ensuring safe-lifting practices and wearing of protective clothing, hat and footwear as required; and abiding by NSW Food Authority guidelines.
    • Ensure they are not under the effects of drugs or alcohol while on duty.


    Stalls are positioned inside the perimeter of the festival site and will not be accessible to the general public. Entry to the festival and stall areas is by festival pass only. Please advise of stall pass requirements at the time of application.


    The festival is a ticketed event and there is strict control with the issuing of armbands for entry. Only a limited number will be issued for each stall. Extra passes can be purchased at special rates.


    Stallholders are able to camp at the festival from Thursday. There are designated areas for camping. In some circumstances camping behind stall sites is possible – please indicate on your application if you prefer to camp behind your site. Separate power for camping is not available; however, power may be made available to stall sites by application.


    There are no special parking facilities for stallholders. There is a small amount of parking on the site, so please follow the signs and instructions from Festival staff. Please drive slowly and carefully around the site. By application, stallholders may be able to park their vehicles and trailers behind their sites for the duration of the Festival, however, stallholders will not be able to move their vehicles during the Festival except under special circumstances and between certain times.


    The Festival organisers and all stallholders will take responsibility for waste management by adopting sound purchasing and packaging policies, waste and recycling collection services and clean up practices. Festivals, by their temporary nature, generate a high volume of disposable materials. Majors Creek Festival aims to divert the maximum amount of material from being sent to landfill.

    Please note that there will be a Green Bond of $120 for each food and coffee stall to encourage adherence to festival waste management policies. Stalls will be randomly audited during the festival, and the Green Bond will be refunded to compliant stallholders at the end of the festival.


    • Applications open 10th April and close 15th July 2018
    • You will be notified if successful or not by the 16th August 2018
    • Full payments due by 15th September
    • If cancelled between 16th Sept and 10th October 1/2 refund (full refund if we can find a substitute) and no refund from 11th October onwards.


    NSW Food Authority Requirements.

    All food stall operators are reminded that they are required (under the NSW Food act 2003, Food Standards Code ANZ, and NSW food regulation 2010) to ensure that the food they sell is suitable and safe for customers to consume. All food businesses must ensure that they comply with these regulatory requirements. Food stalls may be inspected whilst on site by local authorities.

    Approved applicants will only be allowed to sell food or drinks at the Festival if the applicant has provided their current NSW Food Authority licence and/or notification and Food Safety Supervisor certificate to Festival management by the date requested.

    Each food stall will be required to have a Food Safety Supervisor on site at all times that their stall is in operation.

    “All food businesses in NSW must either:

    • hold a current NSW Food Authority licence (this applies only to specific food businesses in sectors covered by a Regulation under the Food Act 2003 (NSW); or
    • notify Palarang Council of their food activity details. This applies to most other food businesses and includes those involved in temporary events and businesses which sell any sort of food or food ingredient as any part of their business. It is required by national food law (Food Safety Standard 3.2.2)”

    “Certain hospitality and retail food businesses in NSW are required to have at least one trained and appointed FSS. Businesses must also keep a copy of their certificate on the premises at all times to show inspectors”.

    For further information, go to http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/retail/markets-and-temporary-events


    We wish to make the festival as waste-wise as possible. Please familiarise yourself with the recycling system and set an example to others.


    Outdoor festivals are at the mercy of the weather and Majors Creek is no exception. The festival will not be cancelled except in extreme circumstances so stallholders should be prepared for all weather conditions including rain and strong winds. Majors Creek is notorious for the mist that often shrouds the site in the evenings, as the temperature drops


    If you require further information please email us at stalls@majorscreekfestival.org