• Performer Applications

    Majors Creek Festival will take place from Friday 9th November 2018 until Sunday 11th November 2018 in a number of venues in and around the Majors Creek Recreation Ground.

    We are looking for performers across a range of musical genres – folk/roots, Celtic, bluegrass, jazz/swing, Americana, singer songwriters, and more – who are willing to participate in a number of activities during the festival including concert performances, workshops, themed concerts, dances and children’s events where possible.

    We are also looking for professional dance acts to be part of our dance program for both display shows and to run dance classes, as well as poets, street performers and people to run workshops and activities specifically for children.

    ‘Majors’ has always been known as one of the friendliest small festivals on the eastern seaboard and a place where people enjoy rubbing shoulders with their musical heroes as well as their mates. We encourage your participation in informal sessions and sing-alongs at the bar and at the Majors Creek Hotel.

    Majors Creek is approximately 1 hour and 15 min from Canberra with its closest town for supplies, hospital etc16km away in Braidwood. The majority of the performers camp on-site but there is a range of comfortable accommodation options available in Braidwood.

    A small number of billet places are available for performers in Majors Creek itself but those are prioritised to performers who are travelling with small children or who have mobility issues.


    We select acts mainly by the following criteria:

    • Type of Material - In keeping with the ‘Majors’ tradition, the program will predominantly feature folk and roots music – in all of its many guises - however a small number of blues and jazz acts may be accepted. Emerging and young musicians are strongly encouraged to apply!
    • Type of Performances – Performers who are available for workshops and theme presentations (ie not only concert performances) and those who can play for children and dances are encouraged. Acts who can stay for the whole festival, participate in sessions and add to the general festival atmosphere are also highly considered.
    • Price - Modest fees are provided depending on the number of acts, performances proposed and where performers are coming from. There is plenty of free camping space on the festival site.
    • International Acts - We provide modest fees only and do not provide airfares or arrange visas.
    • Street acts, Buskers - Are welcome to apply to perform on the program but should be aware that funds are limited. If you are unsuccessful, you may wish to put your name down to perform at the blackboard venues, which will be run at the Majors Creek Hotel and on the festival site.
    • Volunteering – Acts who are able to help support the festival by providing MCs or other assistance are very welcome, so please consider volunteering.
    • Returning Acts – Majors Creek Festival is committed to offering an exciting and ever changing program for attendees. During selection we endeavour to maintain a balance between acts that have played at the festival in the past and acts that have not.


    All applications MUST be accompanied by a live video link that is accessible online (youtube/Vimeo etc). The video must include footage of the specific applying act i.e. Bands cannot apply with a video of a solo performance or with a completely different line up. As of 2017 Majors Creek Festival will not accept CD’s or any other format of sound sample.

    Applications that do not include a live video link will NOT BE CONSIDERED.


    All performer fees quoted are to be inclusive of all costs such as GST, travel, accommodation if not camping, visas and meals etc. The festival committee looks for sponsorships wherever possible, however, like most small festivals, we mainly rely on ticket sales to pay performer fees. To this end, we ask that you take into account that this is a small community festival, run by volunteers, when you are setting your performance fee.


    Performers accept responsibility for their own Public Liability Insurance. When performing, you are a Festival service provider and as such, are not covered by the Festival's public liability insurance. We suggest investigating insurance options with Folk Alliance Australia, see www.folkalliance.org.au and follow the links to 'insurance'. You need to be or become a member of Folk Alliance Australia. Note* If you perform for free you may be covered by our volunteer insurance policy.

    Performers also accept all responsibility for their tax obligations, superannuation and WorkCover requirements.

    Performers are to provide their own equipment such as guitar amps and drum kits. The festival does not provide backline equipment.

    Performers are responsible for their meals and drinks. Water will be provided at venues, at the festival shop and the bar for those with performer wrist bands.


    Due to staging restraints and other logistical elements, all acts including Choirs and Dance Troupes generally will be limited to 18 members. Larger groups may be accepted through prior negotiation but will need to purchase tickets for members in excess of 18. Extra tickets for additional members can be purchased at early bird prices in this case. If no fee is requested members may be covered under the Festival’s volunteer insurance.

    Dance troupes: Some dance troupes may be accepted as part of the paid performance program and all dance troupes should therefore nominate a fee. Names and email contacts for all members of dance troupes MUST be submitted three weeks prior to the festival. If applicable, etickets will be sent to dance troupe members at that time. No changes to names will be permitted after that time without approval from the Festival’s Ticketing Manager.

    Choir groups: Community Choir groups are very welcome but generally are not regarded as part of the paid performance program. In a limited number of cases, where a choir does a special performance, eg. the church service on Sunday, free tickets for the day of the performance (up to 18) will be provided. Members who wish to stay on longer can pay the difference in the full ticket price. Choir groups who perform on our dance stage should be aware there will be only a small vocal PA supplied and no sound operator. Choir groups are more than welcome to do additional ‘pop up’ performances around the site where to do so would not create sound conflicts with programmed acts or stages. Choir groups must submit an application in the same way as all other performers. Names and email contacts for all members of choirs MUST be submitted three weeks prior to the festival. If applicable, etickets will be sent to choir members at that time. No changes to names will be permitted after that time without approval from the Festival’s Ticketing Manager.


    If you are selected to perform at the festival as part of the paid performance program, one free weekend pass for your partner, dependent youth or immediate family i.e. parent will be available for each member up to a maximum of eight per group. These tickets are not available for managers, roadies or any other member of your entourage. Children under 12 are free.


    Due to budgetary restrictions, we do not provide airfares or arrange visas. We may be able to provide billeted accommodation.

    Enquiries to info@majorscreekfestival.org

    Applications to perform in 2018 will open in April.