• Kristabelle and The Southern Jubilee Ringers

  • Kristabelle and The Southern Jubilee Ringers

    With reveries of cattle, cactus and county sheriffs, Kristabelle and The Southern Jubilee Ringers are an old-fashioned ranch-party style outfit bringing you cowboy jazz in the spirit of the old Hollywood cowboy, alongside soulful original gems written by US-born songstress Krista Schmeling. This band of harmony-singing revellers has a spritely musical stride embellished by a prairie yodel and a little high lonesome. Roped and branded by their love of the genre, The Ringers have been known to win over even the faint-hearted city slicker to their high-spirited swooning. 

    The Ringers recently recorded a full album of snappy western-swing beauties and crooning country ballads that will be available at the Festival. 

    Kristabelle and The Southern Jubilee Ringers are: 

    Kev Bradley (affectionately known as The Sheriff) quick-draw finger-picker on guitar and dobro. Kev will reel you in with his technically rich and high-on-the-trail solos. 

    Jac Bradley (our cowboy’s sweetheart) will delight you with her fancy fiddle and old-timey banjo. She’ll make you swoon with her sweet-as-pie harmonies and melodies. Jac also plays with Kev in the Irish-Australian band Hoddle, and in the popular old-timey Black Mountain Stringband. 

    Ed Radclyffe - When he’s not wrangling a Model-A Ford or a Penny-farthing, Ed wrangles the big bull-fiddle, riling the rhythm from a Texas two-step to a rollicking cattle-drive. Ed also plays in longtime rockabilly band The Fuelers, the travelling musical medicine show of Dr Stovepipe, and Mr Tim and the Fuzzy Elbows. 

    Krista Schmeling (putting the bell in Kristabelle) hails from the Midwestern USA, and will serenade you along trail with her authentic, hand-hewn country songs. Krista was shortlisted in the APRA Vanda and Young Song Competition in 2015, and has previously played with old-timey trio The Rooftop Revellers and female harmony trio The Honeybells.