• Jazida’s Fabulous Fan Dancers

  • Jazida's Fabulous Fan Dancers

    Jazida’s Fabulous Fan Veil Dancers are a performance troupe that have developed through weekly classes at the Canberra Dance Theatre. They have a wide repertoire of choreographies written by Jazida who won the title of Miss Fantastic at the Miss Burlesque Australia competition in 2016 for the best fan dancing. Jazida was also dubbed the “queen of fan veils” in Canberra bellydance circles before sharing her skills and has several tricks up her sleeve which she has joyfully shared with her troupe. 
    The troupe is inspired to use fan veils in a wide range of creative ways and takes influence from bellydance, burlesque, jazz, circus, fire, water and so much more. They feature work with single fans, double fans, open and closed fan as well as lots of fun staging.