• Conditions of Entry

    These Conditions of Entry cover entering and leaving the Festival site, wearing of wristbands, concession tickets, purchase of tickets/attendance by persons under 18 years, facilities/access by people with disability, alcohol and camping 


    1.         Entering and leaving the Festival site:

    • Festival patrons are not to enter or leave the main Festival site other than through the designated entry/exit points. These are:
      • a vehicle entry/exit point which is the main entrance on Hill Street
      • two pedestrian entry/exit points: the main entrance and a gate on the Hill Street side leading to the Church.
    • Attendants, with the support of Security Guards, will control entry/exit through these points.
    • No pets are allowed on the main Festival site, including camping areas. Guide dogs and assistance animals are permitted.

    2.         Wearing of Wristbands:

    • All Festival participants, that is, patrons (general public), volunteers, performers, and stall holders must at all times wear appropriately coloured wristbands, with designated colours for different sessions.
    • All Festival participants must present themselves personally at the ticket office to be issued with a wristband. Wristbands may not be collected on behalf of others. Wristbands must not be switched between wearers.

    3.         Concession tickets

    • Concession ticket prices are available to holders of Australian Pension Card, Full Time Student Card, Health Care Card, or DVA Gold Card. Sorry, not available for Seniors Card holders.

    4.         Purchase of tickets/attendance by persons under 18 years of age:

    • Youth tickets (12-17 years old) may only be purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket. No more than three youth tickets may be purchased with a single adult ticket.
    • Persons under 18 years of age may not purchase their own tickets. Tickets for patrons under the age of 18 years must be purchased by a parent/guardian for those under 12 years , or a responsible adult (must be over 25 years of age) for those 12-17 years.
    • Wristbands will not be issued to anyone under 18 unless they are accompanied to the ticket office by the parent/guardian or responsible adult who purchased their ticket.
    • Children under 12 years of age must be under the direct care and supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. Those aged 12-17 years must be accompanied by either a parent/guardian or their responsible adult.
    • Persons aged 12+ but under 18 years are allowed on the Festival grounds including the designated licenced area but must be in the company of either a parent/guardian or a responsible adult. Persons aged 12+ but under 18 years are not to approach the bar or be served at the bar. Appropriate signage will be displayed at the bar and in and around the licenced area to reinforce this message. The licenced area includes all of the oval (playing field) at the Majors Creek Recreation Reserve.
    • If camping, adults and their associated youth ticket holders are required to camp together.

    5.         Facilities/access/services for people with disability

    • Majors Creek is a small rural village and the Recreation Reserve which is the main site for the Festival allows for few services or amenities to be provided for people with disability. People with disability are welcome to contact the Festival’s Secretary/Treasurer to discuss particular needs and how these might be met. People with disability are welcome to bring a carer if they wish and are urged to consider this option particularly if help is needed to move around the Festival site. Carers will be admitted free of charge. Volunteers working at the Festival will offer whatever assistance they reasonably can but may not be appropriately trained to provide some assistance or may be constrained by WHS considerations.
    • Guide dogs, Hearing dogs and trained Assistance Animals are welcome. Owners may be asked to provide evidence that their dog is a trained Assistance Animal, that is, an animal that has been trained to assist a person to alleviate the effect of their disability. Assistance Animals will be required to wear a specific Festival tag on their collar.
    • All Assistance Animals must be on a lead while on the Festival site, and with their owners at all times. Note that persons with Guide dogs, Hearing dogs and Assistance animals may be liable for any injury, loss, or damage caused by their assistance animal while it is on the Festival site.
    • Guide dogs, Assistance Animals and Hearing dogs can be watered near the water tank on the Main Festival site. Owners must collect and appropriately dispose of their animal’s poo.
    • Most venues, market stalls, merchandising, and food stalls on the main Festival site are wheelchair accessible although there are some slopes and the ground may be rough. There is no wheelchair access to the Church and access may be difficult for those with mobility issues. Some camping sites are wheelchair accessible. There is a designated parking area for patrons with disability and portaloos for people with disability are provided. There are no showers. Access to electricity outlets to charge mobility aids or medical equipment will be facilitated as far as possible but electricity is not available in camping areas. 

    6.         Conditions of Entry relating to alcohol

    • It is a condition of entry that all Festival participants, that is, patrons (general public), volunteers, performers, and stall holders, abide by the Festival’s alcohol management policy. A bar selling alcohol will operate at Majors Creek Festival. The liquor licence under which the bar will operate imposes a number of conditions which the Festival is required to meet. The Festival has developed an Alcohol Plan of Management which it will implement to meet these conditions and ensure the responsible sale, service and consumption of alcohol at the Festival. 

    6.a.      Compliance with liquor licencing laws and the conditions and requirements of the Festival’s liquor licence

    The Festival’s Alcohol Plan of Management is available on the Festival’s website or may be requested by email or mail. The following are aspects of the Plan of particular relevance to Festival participants:

    • All Festival participants must comply with the requests or directions of the licencee and/or bar managers and/or bar staff relating to the supply, sale, service and consumption of alcohol and behaviour in the licenced area.
    • The licenced area includes all of the oval (playing field) at the Majors Creek Recreation Reserve. Appropriate signage will be fixed at regular intervals on the fence advising festival patrons that they are entering/leaving a licenced area. Signage within the oval eg on the front of venues, will also advise festival participants that they are in a licenced area.
    • Under the conditions of the liquor licence, no alcohol is allowed to be brought into the licenced area or taken from the licenced area, and intoxicated persons are not to be served or permitted to remain in the licenced area. To support compliance with these conditions alcohol control measures will be implemented at the Festival’s entry/exit points.
      • It is a condition of entry that Festival participants agree to bag and vehicle searches if requested. Anyone declining such a request will be refused entry.
      • Any person seen drinking or carrying alcohol will be refused entry.
      • Anyone reasonably thought to be intoxicated on approach to the Festival gates will be refused entry.
      • Anyone seeking to leave the Festival site carrying alcohol will be asked to return to the bar area or to surrender the alcohol before leaving the Festival grounds. Security guards will be called to assist if necessary.
    • Festival participants must not serve, sell or otherwise supply persons under 18 years of age with alcohol. Persons under 18 years are not permitted in the designated bar area at the Festival and are not to drink or have possession of alcohol at the Festival. It is an offence to serve, sell or otherwise supply persons under 18 years with alcohol. Anyone doing so will be required to leave the Festival immediately and police involvement may follow.
    • Photo ID/proof of age will be required from anyone looking or suspected of being under 18 years and service will be refused if this cannot be produced.
    • Persons under the age of 18 years are required to wear a wristband of designated colours which indicate they are underage and not allowed in the bar area, or to be drinking or in possession of alcohol. Bar staff, security guards, and Festival Committee members will monitor the colour of wristbands worn by people in the bar area and anyone wearing a designated underage wristband or no wristband will be refused service and asked to leave.
    • No alcohol will be served, sold or supplied to persons who are assessed as intoxicated by the licencee, bar staff, security guards or Festival committee members and such persons will be asked to leave the licenced area. Bar staff will caution drinkers if they are at risk of becoming intoxicated.
    • No alcohol will be sold or served in glass containers, or in non-standard containers. Glass containers are not permitted to be brought into the Festival grounds.
    • No more than 4 alcoholic drinks will be served per person at a time.
    • No alcohol will be sold in un-opened containers.
    • Low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.
    • Free drinking water will be available at all times.
    • Food will be available at all times while alcohol is on sale.
    • Security guards will be employed to ensure compliance with the Festival’s Alcohol Management Policy and the conditions and requirements of the Festival’s liquor licence.
    • An Incident Register, located behind the bar, will be maintained at all times. All incidents of Fail to Quit, Refusal of Service due to intoxication, Removal and Exclusion of Patrons, any incident involving minors and other breaches of liquor licencing laws and/or the conditions and requirements of the Festival’s liquor licence will be recorded.
    • If there is any non-compliance or other difficulties with patrons that arise in implementing the Festival’s alcohol policy, for example, continuing attempts by an intoxicated person to enter, or a patron becoming abusive or threatening, Security will be called and the person(s) will be evicted from the Festival. 

    7.         Conditions relating to camping

    • Availability of camp sites: Camping is free on all sites. Camping sites cannot be reserved and are available on a first come, first served basis. Campers can generally pick their own site. Please read Noise curfews in camping areas below before selecting your site.
    • Consideration of others: Campers are asked to be considerate of others. In particular, campers should
      • not block access to main thoroughfares (eg the road, main pathways, access areas to toilets), and to camping sites behind or around the position chosen
      • limit the amount of space occupied so that the maximum number of campers can be accommodated
      • keep music/sound/noise levels at reasonable levels so as not to disturb or inconvenience neighbours.
    • Noise curfews in camping areas: Owls and Fowls areas. Excessive noise and/or disruptive behaviour is not acceptable at any time. The camping ground across the road from the main Festival site will be designated as a “Fowls” area and a noise curfew will apply from 10.00pm. This means that all campers are expected to keep noise levels low enough so that they do not disturb neighbouring campers who wish to sleep. Camping areas at the main Festival site beyond the line of the bar/tennis courts have been designated “Owls” areas and anyone camping in these areas should expect to experience some noise from late night jam sessions. Anyone who is likely to find late night noise a problem is advised to camp in the “Fowls” camping area. Anyone wishing to 'party on' after midnight is encouraged to move to the Sessions area near the bar or the Kids Tent. Any complaints should be referred to the Festival Duty Manager who will contact Security if necessary.
    • Security Considerations: Camping/caravanning or parking at the Festival is at your own risk and the Festival accepts no liability for any loss or damage, however caused. Campers are urged to ensure their property and equipment is well secured to prevent theft/burglary and to be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour. All suspicious behaviour should be reported to the Festival Duty Manager or Security. Ensuring campsites are well lit at night is encouraged.
    • Camping Facilities: There is no electricity available for campers. Water is available only for drinking, cooking and hand washing. Everyone at the Festival is asked to be careful in their use of water. Temporary toilet facilities are provided on the main festival site and on the camping field across the road. Portaloos for people with disability are also provided on both sites. There are no showers for campers. (Some special arrangements may be available for performers)
    • Campfires: Open fires, fires in drums or in barbeques are not permitted in Camping areas. Gas burners/barbeques are permitted. No one should leave any gas appliance on and unattended. Gas bottles must have a current inspection and be maintained in accordance with Australian standard AS/NZS 1596:2003.
    • Disability camping: Some camping areas do not have suitable access for people with disabilities. There are no showers and no electricity available in camping areas. There are wheelchair accessible portaloos at both camping sites. Access to electricity for short periods to charge mobility or medical equipment will be facilitated as far as resources will allow but cannot be guaranteed. There is wheelchair access to the Entertainment Area and most venues, although there are slopes and rough ground in some places around the main entertainment area. The Church venue does not have wheelchair access and access may be difficult for people with mobility issues.
    • Pets: No pets are allowed on the main Festival site, including camping areas. Guide dogs and other assistance animals are permitted.
    • Garbage & Recycling in Camping Areas: Bins are provided for garbage and recyclable waste close to camping areas.